Comodo Blocking Utorrent Downloads!!!

I noticed that Comodo v3 stopped my utorrent download unlike v2.4 which I have no problem. Pls help (:SAD)


This is how i got it to work but dht would not. If anybody knows why please tell?

1 - Click firewall tab in comodo
2 - Click advanced
3 - Click network security policy (see what utorrent is being treated as i think it should be under ftp client)
4 - Click predefined firewall polices select ftp client then click edit and add the following

Action = allow

Protocol = tcp

Direction = in

Description = utorrent

Source = any

Destination = your ip if known or choose any

Source port = any

Destination port = your port that utorrent uses

Then apply and move above rule that reads block and log all unmatching request

this should allow utorrent to work if i`ve done somthing wrong plz post back

This is wht i did… n uTorrent is working perfectly fine… firewall tab → stealth port wizard → choose ‘alert me to incoming connections’. finish…
go to define new trusted application, browse for your uTorrent and set rules for it… i get the green light almost right away


Great that got DHT working.