Comodo blocking Shareaza-traffic

I have created rules for some of my applications so that they are only able to connect to the Internet if I have the IP 192.168.179.*. This Is how I’ve done it:

This is what the created network zone looks like:

Nevertheless, Comodo Firewall is blocking the connection in about 50% of the times that I try to get an incoming connection:

As far as I understand, there is no reason why the connection gets blocked since it is exactly happening what the rules define - a connection from any MAC to the group VPN that defines 192.168.179.* - in this case Can somebody tell me how this can make any sense or what I can do to fix the connection rules? All the other applications don’t have any issues to get incoming connections.

I’m assuming that ‘Ein’ is ‘in’, which means inbound traffic. You’ll also need to create inbound allow rules under the global section. Unsolicited traffic has to filter down through Global rules → to a listening application (Application rules).