Comodo blocking programs I want allowed!

Comodo appears to be blocking and/or interfering with connections in programs i want to use. My main problem is with MSN messenger. It kept losing its connection and now I can’t get into it at all. I didn’t have this problem until after I downloaded Comodo. I don’t want to get rid of Comodo because it’s making my computer run faster, but I really need to be able to use MSN. PLEASE, somebody help me!

Shouldn’t this thread be in the Help forum? That said . . .

Please clarify your two statements:

  • “It kept losing its connection” – you mean that, after installing Comodo, MSN did connect and got disconnected sometime later, or it failed to connect at all?

  • “… now I can’t get into it at all” – you mean you can’t start MSN Messenger, or you can start MSN Messenger but can’t sign-in? And exactly since when you “can’t get into it”, right after installing Comodo or sometime later (e.g. 2-3 days after)?


I just posted asking for help with a similar problem.

Here is a link:

Hopefully one of us will find a solution.