Comodo blocking me Port 3702 ip

Pressed in the Settings wall of protection
stealth ports wizard
block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone

network security policy
global rules
block and log ip in from mac any to mac where protocol is any
log as a firwall event if this rule is fired
Alert for anything in the network have automatic blocking of anything in the online network of computers that are with me in the same network
I noticed a ip friend found me on the same network, but the port is 3702, what this port Is it an attempt Hacker
Or what I’ve been blocking, but increased security I want to know what this port 3702 trying Hacker

source port 60566
destination ip
destination port 3702

Hi janeb, welcome to the forums.

The destination port of 3702 is WS-Discovery and is what is known as a broadcast IP, it’s probably not specifically being sent to you, but everybody or rather anybody that is listening. This particular IP broadcast address is for Simple Service Discovery Protocol or SSDP.

This is probably not a intrusion attempt. The source IP is your friend? This would be unusual for SSDP unless you’re on the same LAN.

PS It seems that Windows Vista is alone in using WS-Discovery to discover systems near it. Does your friend use Vista?

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