comodo "blocking" firefox .exe downloads

i’ve been trying to figure this out for several days. i believe that i found the solution, though i don’t know enough to know if it is a good solution.

when downloading .exe files, i would get a message (not from comodo) that the file “could not be saved” and “cannot change contents of folder”.

i turned off defense+ and problem went away. i went into security policy>firefox.ex> and changed process access rights for files from ask to allow. turned on defense+ and .exe downloads are still ok.

i don’t know if this is really a good policy to have or if it should be tweaked somehow. i don’t know enough to answer this.

i do know that the default comodo settings were the cause of the problem. and that it wasn’t asking either.

it was worse than an i realized. i then found that comodo was blocking ability to delete files. i also find that the settings that i thought were helping weren’t anymore. i disable defense plus and files complete download, files delete. all seems ok. enable defense+, problems again.

i have uninstalled comodo again. i still have the login problems that are discussed in other threads.

if someone can help me sort this out, i will reinstall comodo, otherwise i will have to find another program.l

Did you by chance block explorer.exe did you? Because that is definitely some odd behavior and I can’t imagine what you might have done that would cause it.

no, didn’t block explorer.exe. i haven’t messed with defense setting until
i tried fo fix the download problem. other types of files aren’t blocked, that i have seen. just .exe .

i spent much time trying to find something in firefox, and windows file permission settings to correct the download problem, since there was no indication that it was coming from comodo.

if i did something to cause any of this, i don’t know what it was. i thought that when i gave firefox the right to allow file changes that fixed the problem. till later when i found that problem returned, and in addition i couldn’t delete .exe any longer. somewhere in all this i clicked on the manage settings (or something like that name), then on import and then on defense. without knowing what it did it was over. no warning, no questions. i have no idea what if anything was imported, or from where.

this, as i mentioned, is in addition to the sporadic login problems that others are complaining about as well.