Comodo blocking Ethernet connection


For some obscure reason Comodo will randomly and intermittently ‘block’ the internet connection even though a viable etherent connection has been established. While it reports that the internet connection is blocked, we can browse any website we like, but cannot connect to our 365 cloud services.

I have double checked the ethernet adapter settings and they are all set appropriately, we have had previous issues with the stupid Comodo firewall driver and actually found disabling it completely, improved performance dramatically, but grudgingly run it now, I have tried disabling and re-enanbling the ethernet adapter, but with 200 hundred oddd devices on my estate I cannot afford to run around doing this all day everyday.

at the moment my process is to reset the ethernet adapter which then allows the user to connect to 365. the alternative solution the users have found is to disconnect the ethernet (which disconnects them from all company network resourses and printers) connect to wifi, connect to 365, disable wifi, reconnect etherenet…both are clumsy and time consuming and frankly completely uneccesary. >:(


Hi teknocat,

Thank you for reporting, may i know your:
1.CIS version
2.Win version
3.System type(64bit/32bit)



Thanks for your reply, we are running Comodo One Enterprise , if you can tell me how to identify the ‘CIS version’ i will gladly furnish you with that information.

In the mean time:
Communication Client version = 6.42.40901.21091
COMODO Client - Security Version =
Windows 10 21H1 - OS Build 19043.1237

tek :slight_smile:

Hi teknocat,

Could you please check your inbox for private message and provide us the requested log and information.