Comodo blocking email servers - bug?

CIS 7.0.315459.4132, Win 8 Pro x64. All of a sudden about 45 minutes ago (~3:30 pm Mountain Time US), my email client started getting ‘no server’ connection error with all my POP3 email and newsgroup accounts. At the same time, Mailwasher Pro, with the exact same settings, was picking up all accounts w/o problem. So, closing MBAM first and then checking, and then closing Comodo, including all processes, led to Comodo as the culprit. Since excluding the email client’s executable (Sylpheed) in Anti-Virus solved it, I’m assuming that’s where the problem was. Since I’d never had to exclude Sylpheed in many years of Comodo use, I have to ask if there was an update today that maybe has a programming error. Thanks,

Update: it happened again several hours and a couple of reboots later. I disabled the firewall and then A-V, next reopening them one by one in conjunction with closing and opening Sylpheed. A-V appears to be the culprit, but it’s to be verified.

A similar thing has started with my cable network connection with browsers (Opera 12.16). I get error or no server messages for all sites, disable A-V, close and restart the browser and it works again. Closing and restarting the browser alone doesn’t do it. It’s happened several times in the past few days.

I’ve discovered another program Comodo is blocking since the update to 7.0.315459.4132: Starting any browser from a bookmark in Bookmark Buddy, a bookmark utility, returns a network error (starting the browser on its own doesn’t). I’ve been using BB and its name predecessor, URL Organizer, since 2000 and this had never occurred with Comodo or any other anti malware program before this update. Excluding the program from A-V resolved it (excluding the process didn’t).

What changed with 7.0.315459.4132 to cause these problems?

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I doubt the AV is the problem, try disabling Comodo DNS, or Web Site Filtering if your using either.

Don’t think I’m using Comodo DNS and Website Filtering was checked, but nothing underneath it was. Without any rules or categories checked, would there be filtering?

Update: It’s happened again after restarts, even with the exclusions and website filtering unchecked. Thus, if it’s CIS, the problem seems somewhere other than a-v.

Does this only happen when opening web pages from Bookmark Buddy? What happens when you open a page from within a browser? Can you check if BB gets sandboxed or not?

Only opening closed browser from link in BB. No problem if browser opened first. All browsers (Opera 12, 21Next, FF28, IE11). Nothing shows in sandbox settings (and I don’t ordinarily sandbox). Have also reported this to BB developer. Very odd. Problems reported in the thread started after update to 7.0.315459.4132 but before Win 8.1.1 release.

The culprit is Defense+. Excluding BB in the Behavior Blocker has so far solved the problem. There was apparently something in the update to CIS 7.0.315459.4132 that messed up a whole lot that had been rolling along nicely (at least from the user’s vantage point). Does this qualify as a bug to be reported?

Not yet, not without know if bookmark buddy was added to the trusted files list and seeing the defense+ logs.

It wasn’t necessary to add BB before that update and adding afterwards in A-V had no effect. What should I do to provide the necessary Defense+ logs?