Comodo blocking Comodo ?

I was just trying the Comodo block things with Avast thing. The Firewall logs shows how it Did block IE9 when I added the app to the block list (Goggle still seemed to work but that’s another story)

This post is about the Entry near the end which is a Comodo Web address
Why would Comodo block this? Do I need to change a setting?

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Normally, when the Windows Operating System process picks up a connection, it indicates that the ‘real’ process required for intercepting the request, is unavailable. What are your firewall application and glopal rules?

Cheers Radaghast
I have attached screen shots of App and Global rules sections.

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Thanks for the screen shots. Right now I’m not sure, there’s nothing untoward in your rules and, in all honesty, I’ve never seen an inbound connection from Comodo. I’ll try and do some logging and get back to you.

Hi Radaghast
Have you any update on this?

Unfortunately, I haven’t. As I mentioned before, I’ve never seen an inbound connection from Comodo and I’ve not been able to reproduce. Has it happened again?

No. last time it happened was the 4th February.
This computer is on every weekday.
The other (on daily) computer on the same network has never picked up on that IP

Really, all I can suggest, unless anyone else has any ideas, is keep an eye on it and if it does happen again, let us know.