comodo blocking a squared antispyware updates.

Up unitil recently I had no problems updating a squared antispyware. however after a recent update of a squared comodo has started blocking this programme when i try to update. I have checked the application monitor and all references to a squared show a green ‘allow’ tick.

The only way I can get it to update is to shutdown comodo completely.

any help greatly appreciated.



There has been one other report of an application failing without there being a block rule for that app.

The workaround in this earlier case was to delete all Application Monitor rules for that application and then go through the process of creating new rules the next time it’s started. After the rules were recreated, everything worked as it did before.

Let us know if this helps.

Ewen :slight_smile:

yes, this seems to have worked. Curious as to why comodo does this though…just sems to happen out of the blue…

thanks for the help…