comodo block usb threats

I have a laptop that i use at college.obviously i have to use pen drives to carry a lot of my data.but even though i keep my pen drives clean from any malware my friends with whom i collaborate on projects keep getting some really crazy malware and worms. Many of these dont even disappear after a format they keep regenerating. I just put in comodo onto my laptop having used it on my desktop for years and id like to know if comodos defence+ offers me any protection from usb threats. I have a laptop with autorun disabled and avast antivirus but they problem i face is these malware sneak in even wit this protection so can comodo offer any way to block this behaviour and stop viruses from jumping to my laptop. Ps i am running win 7 sp 1 64bit and comodo is run without the antivirus module as i am more familiar with avast:-) comodo rocks :slight_smile:

Would like to know if Comodo Internet Security is able to keep up with your friends malware. Make sure you upload them to Comodo so we are all safer :stuck_out_tongue:

Report back with your findings I’m very interested as your friends seem to be a good playground of very new and very dangerous malware. Your officially a guinea pig.

Take care.

lol the guinea pig bit is true bro. Hv to clean their computers all the time cause they dont update the av n also they never want to take care of their security so whether i like it or not i hv to keep their computers safe to keep my laptop clean :stuck_out_tongue: anyhow just wanted to verify if defence plus offers any defence from usb cause its got h.i.p.s

Defense+ will protect you. It may not automatically detect the malware when the usb is plugged in, but the second it is run, or tries to do anything, CIS will surely jump into action and stop it.

You’re safe, regardless of whether said malware is new or old. :wink:


This likely means that the malware is actually on whatever computer they are using to format it. Therefore after it is formatted the malware is re-copied back to the usb.