Comodo beta

Is the beta (RC2?) closed? What dows thi8s mean to those running it on Windows 7?

Chuck Billow

Yes beta testing ended, final version 3.9 is scheduled for today (my guess in about 8 hours or so…).

Really looking forward to this release. And by the way ill also say hello to everyone since im new around here :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Forum, erazerswe.

Thank you, always nice to get a welcome. Is the release still going as planned? Just so wanting to test this 1 since the previous version has worked great.

Unless we hear different, the release is going as planned.

Thanks for the info. Wish all forums were as friendly as this when it comes to replying.

When 3.9 is available - where can it be found?

In the feedback board

Currently that shows COMODO Internet Security 3.8.65951.477 Released

That will change to COMODO Internet Security 3.9.76xxx.5yy Released
Where the number is subject to change :wink: