Comodo beta 3 has same problems as the current stable

I used to use the comodo stable 2.4 until it started to give me high cpu useage bug. i tried the beta one and was pleased, likewise with the beta two. i recently instaled the beta three and now it is back to using my cpu. it uses about 25% of my fast dual core cpu. does anyone else have this problem and does anyone know how to fix it? if there is no fix then i will just move back to the beta 2. :frowning: (I have windows xp 32x)

Well, I have a dual-core CPU and CFP is 0% on both. Could it be your setup?

my comodo set up is defense + disabled and the firewall to learn all.

I have a dual core AMD cpu also and I am getting 0% cpu usage. When you are seeing cpu usage like that, I would look for a conflict with your other security software. Try writing exception rules in both your other security software for CPF and in CPF for your other security software. You may have to do this after booting to safe mode if there is some conflict happening. The conflict may prevent you from properly recording the exceptions and “safe application” rules. Power flickering here so I’m gone!!!

I was also seeing very high CPU useage - over 50% on a Centrino duo, and a lot of disk activity (not very good to see on a laptop!). However, a little investigation showed that there was a lot of activity on the network which was triggering an alert and the corresponding log entry. What I did was configure the firewall to allow that activity so it wasn’t triggering an alert and the log entry, and useage dropped to an acceptable level (<1 %). I would suggest using a packet analyzer like Wireshark to see what traffic is normal/acceptable on your network, and configuring rules to allow that traffic.