Comodo - Be more transparent with your plans

As it currently is, members of the community are left guessing as to what is happening when certain changes are made to products listed on the main website and there is little communication of these changes to its users, including the members of this community. When there is communication, it comes usually after the fact that the community have already spoken out en-mass and are already wanting to know what is happening.

We are fans of your software, we can be here to help you, as the software you develop provides us with good security.

In order for us to provide feedback and understand what is happening, we need to be kept up to date with changes you are about to make. It would even be beneficial to both parties if you provide an overview of future plans. This would allow us to provide feedback, and in turn help with you shipping a better product.

Going forward, I think it would be good if Comodo staff provided a road map to the community to show what they have planned, even if it is just updates in the very near future.

P.s. If the updates to the website are mistakes caused by the web marketing team, maybe fix why this is happening as to prevent further confusion in the community.


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Totally agree.
The very first step should be the communication with the user base, which is at the moment totally absent.

The anxiety we are feeling comes from uncertainty about the future of CIS, the most popular security suite in my opinion.

We are all worried and afraid that CIS will be abandoned just like that CCAV has suffered.

CIS basically uses the same protection mechanism as Comodo Client Security which is the enterprise version. Comodo does make money with free CIS as well due to partnership with Yahoo, Yandex and Winzip. The consumer version is important to make the product reach a wider audience and get more beta testing, feedbacks and bug fixing, resulting in more polished product for enterprise users. So I find it unlikely that they will discontinue CIS. There was no such a thing as CCAV for enterprises.

But we can’t be 100% sure of anything due to lack of communication.

like everything in life, we hope to improve …
But CIS protect me since 2006, when ardamax was threat number 1 and only Comodo firewall 2 (that’s what it was called) and other suites not protected my PC;
just a little bit of real marketing just like the video above