Comodo Backup Verify?

Hello - I have just downloaded and installed the LATEST Comodo Backup (as of this writing) and am currently backing up to a NAS network share (Ubuntu 64 Karmic (9.10) - RAID5 (software) - 2TB (3 1 TB drives)). I have tried another solution that I have used for years (Terabyte Image for Windows) and although the backup completes, it fails verification. After communicating with the developer, it seems that software RAID is not supported with that product. Bummer - as I would like to not have to have a drive enclosure handy just to do backups.

Comodo’s website suggests that Comodo Backup will backup to any media that is supported by the host operating system. How can I verify that the backup is as it should be? Once the backup finishes, I would like to know that if/when I need to restore, that there will not be any issues. Does anyone have any suggestions?


When you select a CBU file to be restored you can verify it with comodo backup. if that is what you mean?