Comodo Backup has stopped working error during file backup

This program looks amazing, but I cant use it as the program crashes. It always crashes right after it collects all information from my source drive and it appears ready to copy to destination. This is with the program run as administrator.

Here’s what the logs look like -

27.11.2016 14:53:19 Running scheduled backup C: to My Computer
27.11.2016 14:53:19 Synchronizing "C:" with “G:\C:”
27.11.2016 14:53:19 Collecting information from "C:"
27.11.2016 14:54:02 Total number items found so far is 31884 (Total size is 37.0 GB)…
(a lot of this reporting of various sizes)
27.11.2016 15:14:03 Total number items found so far is 597256 (Total size is 265 GB)…
27.11.2016 15:14:29 Total items found is 608342. Total size is 265 GB
27.11.2016 15:14:51 Collecting information from “G:\C:”
27.11.2016 15:14:51 G:\C: was skipped
27.11.2016 15:14:51 Total items found is 0. Total size is 0 B <------- crashes here.

Maybe you guys could help me figure out a better route. it appears the program works because I can do some small tasks without it crashing! I recently cloned my OS SSD to a new m.2 , and would like to file sync everything from the m.2 (C:) to the old SSD (G:) …that way if the m.2 dies ever, I will have a SSD ready to go!

I was going with a file sync, one way …that way it would just mirror everything from C:\ to G:\

Is there a way to do that and just have comodo overwrite everything, or better yet only copy what has changed? Seems like the program always wants to just create its own dir and then copy the source to that dir…but I want it to just copy C:* to G:*