Comodo Backup hangs

Hi everyone:

I have Comodo Backup on my server (windows server 2003) to backup to a FTP connection to a online server, Just Host. The backup config is:

Mode: Copy with deleting other than source files
Type: Service backup
FTP connection with Administrator rights
After choosing source and target folder, all other options are left default.

The problem is that sometimes the backup hangs (have to force a shutdown) and in other run it hangs again on the same file, but if I erase the file, it will hang in other file forward. In some folders it backed up nicely, in other it repeats over and over the copying of the same files (that were never updated) and in other folder it hangs. Am I doing something wrong? If anyone could help me, I would appriciate.
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Comodo Backup V1.X has been known to occasionally fail during FTP backups.This is apparently due to it failing to keep the connection alive during prolonged send operations.

There are no user definable parameters that you can change to eliminate this.

Comodo Backup V2 is currently in BETA and is proving to be far more reliable performing FTP backups.

Hopw this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: