comodo backup error 55 access denied - please advise

cannot do either incremental or differential backup - starts backup then after approx 20% complete gives error message 55 which I understand is access denied
I am logged in as administrator and cannot see where this is causing the problem


Error code 55 refers to the fact that you don’t have sufficient rights for the operation - please make sure that the adequate permissions are set for the backup source/destination.

Thank you for your support!


  1. I can do a full back up without problems
  2. How do you set ‘adeqate permissions’


When trying to perform incremental/differential backup (and error 55 occurs) are you selecting the same backup destination as for the full backup? And which is the backup destination type?

Thank you for your support!

Did this ever get answered.
I too am having this problem … error 55… access denied.
How/where do I check the access permissions.
When I first set this up many months ago it worked. Now this is what Iget every night when a backup starts. I can go in and select retry and backup works just fine.


The issue with error 55 should be fixed in 4.0 version which is now in BETA stage.
You can try it here.


I am using Comodo Backup v4.3.8.0 with great success. But now I am stopped by the same problem. I try to backup my phone’s micro SD card in order to move its content to a bigger micro SD card. Backup won’t even start. I have no clue which permission is the issue, as nothing is checked as e.g. write-protected.

Any clues as to go around this issue?

No one? Google doesn’t really help either. Any recommendations for other software? Simple copying commands will not get all the files moved either.