Comodo BACKUP Error 101326


I have just reinstal COMODO Backup (v3.0.171317.133) on my Win 7 64 bits.
I try to backup (Mails/Folder) on my server (Synology DS211+) but COMODO don’yt push a popup to allow me editing my session name and password.
It was work on my previous installation. The problem it on the step 2.
I have an 101326 error code when I try to backup cause it don’t have the right.

What can I do ?

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Is password protected sharing on the server enabled? If not, please enable it.

If the above doesn’t work, You can specify a user name and password to use when backing up by exporting the backup job to a script file in backup step 4. Then edit the script and add /remote_username & /remote_password parameters: Comodo Help