Comodo Backup and EFS?

I’m trying to run a Sync Copy on items stored in two directories encrypted with EFS. The directories are on two separate drives in this Vista system (C: and D:).

CB sees that there are changes to sync from C: to D:, but can’t access the files to copy them:

23.03.2011 19:33:35 Cannot access file \\?\C:\Users\Matt\BACKUP\canary.txt. Skipping... 

Is Comodo Sync Copy running as a service, or under a different account than my user account? Is this why it can’t copy the new and changed files

How can I use Comodo Backup to sync files encrypted with EFS?

Comodo Backup runs synchronized backups in service mode.
The next version will have multiple run modes, until then you can use command line / scripting to sync as current user.