COMODO Backup BETA Released


We are happy to announce the COMODO Backup BETA was released to forum. The detailed list of fixes & improvements has hundreds of lines :slight_smile: . We’ve been working mostly on stability and improvents since last release. Below is a summary of the changelog:

What’s new & improved (compared to

  • Deduplication for cbu backups: If you backup files with the same content, the content is backed up only once (this is implemented at block levels. So, blocks with same content will be backed up only once).
  • Improvements in Online Storage: Better upload/download/browsing speed. Both server and client side of Online storage part were rebuilt from scratch. See Comodo Cloud topic for more details.
  • New setup skin
  • WHQL certified drivers for Windows 8
  • Reduced size of the setup from 36.1 MB to 22.7 MB

What’s fixed (compared to

  • some bsods caused by CBreparse.sys
  • occasional high processor usage for SynchronizationService or COSService
  • Occasional crashes in the user interface
  • Occasional explorer frezes
  • Other minor fixes

Known Issues

  • If you have previous versions of cCloud or Comodo Backup please uninstall them before installing this version
  • Occasionally mounting Comodo Cloud Drive can fail. A fix for this issue will be available in a few days.
  • Rarely, if CB is installed along with cDrive, the mounted drive letter might be A: and inaccessible.
  • CB might hang if clicking on progress bar, to see a backup in progress

Bug Reports:

Please use this topic to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.


This product is intended for special users (BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and not be suitable for your everyday use yet. Please do not use it in your production machines.

Download Location:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit:

Download link 1:

Download link 2:

Setup file size & checksums:

Size: 22.7 MB (23824248 bytes)
MD5: D92A6FC15ABA6C0ACBC61D56D5B34157
SHA1: 6201AF1BEC03DAF72F0C378E9E2C0BE49EDC3866

another wonderful application!

this is a full blown enterprise quality backup for free to our amazing users!

Despite promising myself, I would not play with beta version, I could not resist it.



just play in a VM and tell us your view…that’s how community improves…we all help a little…thanks :slight_smile:

Downloading now - interested to see if this version will send emails form my PC.

Ewen :slight_smile:

thank you :rocks:

Considering I have not backed up my computer for quite sometime, I have been drawn to download this software ASAP, and do it for before I regret it.

Good work guys!


dedup in a freeware !!!

with comodo time machine v3 we will have a total secure computer.

Will the Android version be updated as well?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, we are working on it.