COMODO Backup Released!


We are happy to announce the COMODO Backup was released to public.

What’s new (compared to

  • Windows 8 compatibility;
  • Inclusion and exclusion filters now work for paths;
  • Previously created backups that are listed in recent activities can now be loaded with all settings;
  • System tray notifications for scheduled backups that run in silent mode and service mode;
  • Comodo Dragon browser backup support;
  • Improved CCloud drive browsing speed using cache;
  • Improved CCloud upload speed using cache;
  • Status bar (near tray) to indicate that online storage cache is upload/download or in error state;
  • CB has tree view selection in Backup Step 1 (Advanced mode);
  • Load backup settings from script;

What’s fixed & improved (compared to

  • Improved and smoothened the backup progress;
  • Fixed backup progress correlation issues;
  • Random errors shown when CCloud server was down;
  • Right click menu issues;
  • Issue with CB freezing/not responding properly;
  • Unintuitive “An error occurred” messages that sometimes appeared;
  • Issues related to last backup;
  • Some speed improvements for cbu backup/restore to/form CCloud;
  • Fixed “Contextual shell extension features do not work when CB is already launched”.
  • Fixed restore recent backups issue “the source file is missing”;
  • Fixed bug with restoring a multiple snapshots incremental backup to a new destination → external USB drive ;
  • Fixed bug in disk/partition restore when reallignment could be done outside the disk size;
  • Fixed bug with restore options that could have changed on a second retry of the restore process;
  • Fixed overlapping notifications;
  • Fixed issue with high processor usage for Synchronization Service reported here:;msg643484#msg643484;
  • Fixed issue with sync from CCloud when server modification date is invalid;
  • Fixed shortcuts tab display synchronization issues;
  • Improved backup retry mechanism in case of failure;
  • Fixed download file from CB and CCloud client simultaneously;
  • Fix some synchronization problems between advanced and simple mode on backupstep1;
  • Fixed issues with login/logout for shell extension operations not being correlated to CB`s GUI;
  • Synchronized drive state between online step 2 and shell extension;
  • Fixed unmount ccloud drive functionality when only CBU is installed;
  • Fixed issue with “The schedule cannot be run yet.”
  • Fixed issue with oriental chars reported by user here:;msg637028#msg637028;
  • Fixed unmount shell ext cmd not being shown only when CB is installed;
  • Fixed issue with missed tasks rerunning when choosing not to rerun reported here:;msg636868#msg636868;
  • Fixed some issues related to mirroring;
  • Added confirmation when deleting a profile if user wants to delete associated schedules;
  • Some fixes for manage which took longer than expected to load all activities;
  • Fixed issue with running backups in service mode reported here:;msg625108#msg625108;
  • Fixed ccloud issue when user changed his password, then new attempts to login failed, if already logged in.;
  • Fixed issue reported by user here:;msg623678#msg623678;
  • Notify the user when there are less than 7 days left until his Ccloud account expires;
  • Fixed free/total space issue for local hardware when cbu backup was mounted;
  • Fixed progress issue which sometimes got to 100% before finalizing operations;
  • Fixed issue with progress bar which was not reset when backup/restore process failed at 1% or more;
  • Fixed crash in disk backup reported here:;
  • Fixed space required update from CB’s setup;
  • Fixed continuous loop with native restore reported here:;msg615290#msg615290;
  • Fixed mount when one of the source item was deleted in an incremental backup;
  • Implemented disk priority level in simple copy backups/restores;
  • Fixed issues with not being able to remove password from a custom profile;
  • Fixed issues with restore process ignoring disk full status;
  • Fixed issue with restoring files over other read only files;
  • Disabled pause button if the user aborted the backup, and enabled the button at the next backup start;
  • Folders disappear from the “Online Storage” after uploading files into them;
  • The progress counter displayed when executing backups for the predefined profiles is not correlated with the backup operation;
  • “Last Backup” does not display the selection for “Files and Directories” and “Registry Files” backups previously created;
  • Contextual shell extension features do not work when CB is already launched;
  • Backup fails with status 53 when running custom profiles for which the destination was edited and changed to “Online Storage”;
  • The message “Only one folder at a time can be synchronised” is displayed when attempting to reach Step2 while having one folder checked in Step1;
  • Issues with restore now, restore recent activities;
  • Automatically expands folders tree for selected backup files;
  • Incorrect behaviour when viewing the custom profiles resulted from different schedules set for the same source items;
  • 26 characters limitation in the Cloud dialog for the “Username” editbox when performing a schedule task and the user is prompted to log in;
  • The message “Select at least one item to backup” is displayed when attempting to create a backup for the “Registry Files” when CB is set to the simple mode;
  • The message “The source file is missing” is returned when attempting to perform restore operations for cbu backups stored on the Online Storage;
  • Missing drive content when mounting files and directories backups for partitions;
  • GUI issues are visible in the schedule notification window;
  • The message “Select at least one item to backup” is displayed when attempting to go to Step2 for “Files and directories” backups;
  • CB does not start and a “Server busy” dialog is continuously being displayed;
  • Backup Step2 can be reached without selecting any items in Backup Step1;
  • GUI issues are visible when clicking the “less options” button;
  • CB does not display any notifications when feedback is being sent back to the user;
  • Missing destination partitions when creating mirror backups;
  • The message “Geek Buddy is installing. Please wait…” is continuously being displayed;
  • Incremental backups are created when the names for the source folders are almost identical;
  • The “Synchronize Data” option from “Shortcuts” does not work;
  • Attempting to download items previously uploaded to the “Online Storage” does not work;
  • The “Clear recent activity” button disappears when clicked;
  • Sync jobs fail with status 9;
  • Sfx cbu backup jobs fail with error code 84;
  • Multiple folders named “New folder” can be created on the “Online Storage”;
  • The “Default Settings” button disappears after creating a backup;
  • A dialog is displayed when setting the destination for 1-way/2-way syncs and simple copy;
  • Missing schedule button from backup step1;
  • The checkbox for “use local cache to store files…” is always unchecked;
  • Deleteing items from local hardware (online storage tab) is not working;

Known Issues

  • The operating system does not start after performing a restore operation scheduled in native for “files and directories” .CBU backups for the system partition;
  • Scheduled tasks for files and directories and registry entries don’t work;
  • CB hangs when attempting to display the window containing the backup in progress after accessing the “last backup” option;
  • Issues when force-running CB as the current logged in user on Windows XP;
  • Some GUI delays when fast switching between tabs;
  • The backup size for partition backups after the second incremental is equal to 2 x backup size for the base backup;
  • On some operating systems, the progress bar for partition or disk backup operations jumps from 0% to 100%;

Bug Reports:

Please use this topic to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Location:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit:

Download locations:

Download link1:

Download link2:

Setup file size & checksums:
36.1 MB (37957672 bytes)
MD5: C753957AF8508E8319E81A5226781E26
SHA1: 7C85D8897C93CA2C11BC850D811CC5E281022CE1

Impressive changelog!

Congrats on this release.
Great job. :slight_smile:

(:SAD) Please take me back to the cloud .

Everyting was fine and worked great , before have downloaded the new cloud .

Cant log on - fotos below.

Have trying to repear wit comodo program manager.
have unistaled and instaled again -comodo program manager showed popup that the download and instalation was folowed and was successfull.

But noting work :-\

Win 7 - 64

CIS6 -pro active

UAC disabled

[attachment deleted by admin]

It’s good to have scheduled backups running again.

thank you.

Its mean ,that have buck up now - to start working ?

Unable to verify a backup job if Before and After commands are run.

For a scheduled job running as a service to a network NAS, I find I have to map a drive as the service is not accepted otherwise. So I create a Map_Drive script to be executed ‘Before’ and Unmap_Drive script executed after, but the problem is the ‘After’ appears to be after the backup and not the verify.

Would be useful to have the changed or a separate run Before/After command for the verify.

Or, credentials to be stored in the job to connect to NAS without the need to map a drive. ;D

Please advise the syntax for filters that work with paths, or tell me where it is described. I cannot find any reference in the help file.

Thanks for your help.