COMODO Backup BETA Released!


We are happy to announce the COMODO Backup BETA was released to forum.

What’s new (compared to

  • Windows 8 compatibility;
  • Improved CCloud browsing speed using cache;
  • Improved CCloud upload/download speed using cache;
  • Multi-threaded sync for better upload/download speed;
  • Multi-threaded simple copy backups (better speed);
  • Multi-threaded cbu backups to CCloud (better speed);
  • Sync can now be performed one way or both ways;
  • Log improvements;
  • UI speed improvements;
  • Profiles and schedules are now stored per windows user (not per entire computer);
  • Improved retry mechanism when errors are encountered during CCloud backups/restores;
  • Simple copy backups can now be restored with CB;
  • Browser backups can now be used from backup step 1 (not only Shortcuts TAB);
  • Added pause for sync, iso, reg and zip backups;
  • Option not to backup hidden or system files;
  • Option to exclude specific paths from backup using <…> filters. For example : <C:\Windows\Temp> , <C:\Users\MyUser\file.txt> ;
  • Translation to Finnish language;
  • Added option to load a backup from a script;
  • Option to re-run a backup from a history event;

What’s fixed & improved (compared to

  • Slow browsing of CCloud drive;
  • Added message advising user to clear activities when loading recent backups/restores takes more than 15 seconds;
  • When deleting a backup / restore event failed, no message was returned to user;
  • Fixed issue with running backups in service mode reported here:;msg625108#msg625108 ;
  • Computer becoming unresponsive when loading a large file as a script;
  • GUI window shadow remaining visible for a few seconds after closing it;
  • GUI window improperly launching, with user being able to click through it;
  • Delay when updating the progress bar, file size, upload speed for transfers from local to Online Storage;
  • Disk backups stored on external drives can’t be restored from the bootable WinPE rescue media created in CB;
  • Backup failing with error code 4 when attempting to create an ISO backup for the system partition;
  • Transfers from local hardware to Online Storage failing with status 70 or 90507 when computer exits from sleep;
  • Two unistall options present in the “Start Menu” for the Comodo Backup application;
  • The “Up one level” button improperly positioned after deleting a large number of items from the “Online Storage”;
  • Attempting to launch CB after closing CB previously ran as admin resulting in triggering the UAC prompt and in CB not starting;
  • Ocasional GUI hang when switching between steps;
  • Added read after write verification for backups and uploads to CCloud to avoid file corruption;
  • Issue with progress bar which sometimes go to 100% before the operation was finalized;
  • Fixed crash in disk_backup.h reported here: ;
  • Improved logging in CCloud tab when perforimg uploads/downloads. Time remaining and real (instead of estimated) upload/download speed is shown now;
  • Issue with simple copy and sync backup that reprocessed some files when the job is re-run, due to the fact that destination file system didn’t support some attributes that the source file system supports;
  • Issue with restoring a password protected backup that doesn’t have all splits in same folder;
  • Improved time needed to abort when aborting a cbu backup to a slower speed access destination (for example ftp servers, network, CCloud);
  • Issue with not being able to remove backup password from a saved profile;
  • Macros no longer contain underscore. For example “filename|TIME|.cbu” is no longer resolved as “filename_HH_MM_SS.cbu”, but as “filenameHHMMSS”;
  • Ocasional issue with checking for files in use before restore;
  • Ocasional issue with mounting backups with more than 1 snapshots;
  • Some ocasional crashes that might have occurred when performing cbu backups;
  • Explorer freezes when browsing CCloud drive;
  • Issue with instant sync running when windows is indexing files;
  • Service mode schedules wrongfully reported as missed sometimes;
  • Added a more clear message when running a script with wrong syntax and a password is required;
  • Fixed size compressed and uncompressed issue for unsuccessful backups;
  • Issue reported by user here:;msg623678#msg623678 ;
  • Command line issue for converting string to number reported by user here:;msg623587#msg623587 ;
  • Issues with local storage progress bar (when mounted backups are present or when total local storage size is greater than 7EB);
  • Progress bar not reset to 0% when starting a new backup/restore after failing;
  • Issue with credentials being reset when login failed from Online Storage TAB;
  • Continuous loop with native restore reported here:;msg615290#msg615290 ;
  • .xps files are treated as documents in Shortcuts TAB;
  • Error 103 which happened when restoring an unexpectedly aborted backup;
  • Mount error when one of the source item was deleted in an incremental backup chain;
  • Crash that sometimes occurred when pressing pause or abort;
  • COS Service communication log reset when service is restarted;
  • Issue with restoring files over existing read only files;
  • Issue with slow installation which sometimes happened due to cvdbus driver;
  • Added warning for backups of system folder performed under limited privileges;
  • Added proper notification when CCloud backup/upload failed because of full storage;
  • Added command line parameter for disabling log to screen;
  • Corrupted files sometimes resulting when changing the backup format;
  • No message shown to user when deletion from CCloud in Online Storage TAB fails;
  • Issues with scripts running in PE mode;
  • Issue with CB and COS autosignin setting desynchronization;
  • Sync To Cloud Explorer Menu Random Disappear fix / UnSync on parent Folder no effect fix;
  • Error 55 which sometimes occurred with disk mirror scripting;
  • Changing extension on backupname depending on what format type is chosen;
  • Issue with locked files when editing custom profile reported by user here ;
  • Issues with dvd writing;
  • Services that were sometimes reported as not started when the GUI was opened immediately after system startup;
  • Scientific notations sometimes displayed in CBWizard for free and total space in CCloud;
  • Issues with editing schedules/profiles;
  • Added verification to avoid saving profiles/schedules that should run in service mode with destination network;
  • The “Sign Out” button displayed in CB after logging out from CCloud via the contextual logout drive option;
  • Fixed issue with opening cbu backups when shortpath is provided (For example, opening a cbu backup directly as an Outlook/Windows live mail attachment);
  • .tmpComodo files issue that sometimes appeared when synchronizing folders with CCloud;
  • Typo in partition backup reported here:;new;topicseen#new ;
  • Crash reported here ttps://;msg629640#new ;
  • Improper error shown when deleting a schedule failed;
  • Issue reported by user here:;msg630216#msg630216some crashes ;
  • Issue when user changed his CCloud password, then new attempts to login failed, if he was already logged in;
  • Copyright year information not updated properly;
  • The message “Geek Buddy is installing. Please wait…” continuously being displayed;
  • Some memory leaks;
  • Other minor fixes;

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, the Windows Recovery Console is triggered after performing restore operations scheduled in at system restart;
  • The progress counter displayed when executing backups for the predefined profiles is not correlated with the backup operation;
  • The desktop shortcuts for CB, CBWizard, CCloud do not work after installing the applications under a limited account;
  • Language translation issues;

Bug Reports:

Please use this topic to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.


This product is intended for special users (BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and not be suitable for your everyday use yet. Please do not use it in your production machines.

Download Location:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit:

Download link:

Setup file size & checksums:
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MD5: 61E4A05C2B2C160B5420C7D9ACC2DB9A

What a changelog!
:o :-TU

I guess you guys have been busy.
thanks for the beta


congrats on the release. from the little bit of time i got to mess with it browsing speeds and upload speeds were greatly improved. :-TU

Great to see this Emmanuel.

And can I applaud you for providing such a clear list of improvements and bug fixes.

This is very much appreciated by those who have done a lot of testing :slight_smile:

Downloading now

Best wishes