COMODO Backup 4.1 BETA Released!


We are happy to announce that COMODO Backup 4.1.0 BETA was released.
It contains some new features and improvements.
We replaced tree view with list view, for better browsing experience in user interface.
We also changed the Backup TAB, so when you click it, you start a new backup process. The profiles and shortcuts were moved to a separate Shortcuts TAB.
Feel free to provide us feedback.

What’s new

  • “Create Rescue Disk” button in settings which automatically create a WinPE disc
  • List view replaced the tree view in backup step 1, 2, restore step 1 and in online storage TAB. An address bar will be visible with the list view.
  • Clicking Backup TAB will start a new backup process, so you can immediately set what, where, how and when to backup.
  • Shortcuts and profiles where moved into a separate TAB
  • Option not to restore NTFS security attributes
  • Option to right click → copy log when backup/restore operation finishes
  • Last backup is now a predefined profile in shortcuts TAB
  • Right click menu for Online Storage TAB
  • Options to exclude system or hidden files from backup

What’s fixed & improved

We fixed many issues since the latest 4.0 release. So the list is pretty big:

  • Custom profiles can be scheduled
  • All mounted backups and COS drives are visible as removable drives (before they were visible as fixed drives)
  • Setup checks first if newer version of CB is available on website and notifies user.
  • Changed the way schedules and custom profiles are stored in registry. Now they can be edited using regedit in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackup\ScheduleList
  • Issue with long and special characters passwords for COMODO Cloud
  • Issue with simple copy sparse files from NTFS to FAT
  • CBReparse.sys starting slower on some OS causing diagnostic report to say it’s not running
  • Backup verification after creation which failed if macros were used
  • Some typos
  • Potential issue with loop when checking for missed schedules
  • Delete propagation issue on simple copy (delete shouldn’t propagate on simple copy)
  • Potential error code 3 when running scheduled backups
  • Small logging improvements
  • Backup error code 43 for |DATE3| macro
  • 0 KB files created when attempting to create simple copy backups for Microsoft Outlook 2010 when the application is opened
  • Snapshot selection which displayed wrong information in restore step 2 for cbu files that contained more than 1 snapshot
  • Mounting large disk/partition backups which seemed to hang
  • Split backups unmountable
  • Fixed command line multiple partition backup issue
  • Dbginfo.bat file in installation directory to collect debug information for analysis
  • BSOD when scanning computer with CIS caused by cbufs.sys
  • Bug with restoring files from an incremental backup that are partially changed, the files didn’t restore properly
  • Xlsx files that could not be edited with Microsoft Excel from CCloud drive
  • Some crashes with COSService.exe
  • Added extra command line parameter “/dont_restore_file_security” to avoid restoring NTFS security attributes
  • Restore issue when part of cbu backup footer is corrupted.
  • Fixed issues when logging in/out from COS an CB program didn’t changed it’s state
  • .Zip backup not created correctly when the “Scan for malware” option was selected
  • Mounting and unmouting the COS drive several times causing CB to continuously display the last wait dialog
  • CB crashes when attempting to unmount .cbu backups when CB is not elevated
  • CB crashes when submitting files
  • .Zip backup is not created correctly when the “Scan for malware” option is selected
  • Continuous BSOD when installing CTM 2.9, then CB
  • Some speed optimizations for instant scan
  • Context menu for items in CBWizard
  • Issues with sync to COS
  • Error 29 when performing cbu incremental on sparse file
  • Error 29 at the end of the restore process when restoring sparse files from cbu backup
  • Restoring corrupted cbu backups (in previous version error 14 occurred sometimes when trying to restore a corrupted cbu backup)
  • Query allocated ranges for sparse files with zero data only
  • Sparse files treated as empty if no data present
  • Large memory leak when restoring sparse files
  • Scheduling predefined backup profiles issue
  • GUI hang after several backup operations and no interaction with the application
  • Improper display of the Manage-Events-“Delete” button tool-tip message.
  • Some translation errors
  • “Restore directory structure” enabled for partition backups
  • Restoring self-extractable backups is now possible with CB
  • Potential crash when mounting a disk backup
  • Scripts issue when ENTER or TAB characters are present inside script
  • The ‘Use Default’ option not working properly in backup/restore
  • Improper GUI behavior when executing two or more .cbu files
  • Logging issue and potential errors with reparse points
  • The date and time for snapshots for Email Accounts and IM Conversations backups not being displayed in restore step 2 when changing the snapshot
  • Some speed improvements when browsing GUI
  • Backup failes with error code 4 when attempting to create an ISO backup for the system partition
  • Scheduled backup fail with error code 1
  • CBU.exe crash during startup
  • SFX successfully restored to non existent location
  • All the files on an ISO type backup saved with Upper Case
  • Backup fail with error code 97 when attempting to create SFX CBU backups to cd/dvd
  • COSService crash when canceling a .cbu backup to the Online Storage
  • CB crash when closing the application during a file transfer from the online drive
  • Sharing a status on Yahoo Messenger from “Share with friends” not working
  • CB Wizard can create backup during instant scan
  • The used and free space of a mounted drive are not retrieved properly
  • GUI hangs when attempting to start the backup operation during the list population of the backup sources
  • Mixup between compressed/uncompressed size in restore step 3
  • The “Scan all files on this computer” option in the Settings menu appears unchecked by default
  • Improper behavior when editing a custom profile created after a backup operation is complete
  • The “Restore” from the Summary screen not available
  • Items backed up to the installation folder without a .CBU extension if Step2 is skipped, a default path is set and one or more macros are added
  • Invalid path when setting a non-existing path on an existing volume in settings
  • Backup fail with error code 9 when attempting to create ISO backups to cd/dvd
  • CB crash after creating the second snapshot based on a schedule
  • Backup fails with error code 53 for an Email Accounts inc & diff simple copy backup to a FTP Server
  • The “Mount at Windows startup” option
  • Issue with mounting backups and network drives
  • Simple backups to email not working
  • Destination path is not visible for a schedule / history event to CCloud (CCloud was not visible in Manage TAB)
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\Common\Settings registry key has options to configure debug log size and to set whether diagnostics should be performed or not.
  • Added /noWizard parameter in CB setup in case wizard installation fails it can be installed without wizard.
  • Issue with backup created with 3.0 version that contained more than 1 snapshot.
  • Self extractable backups created on x64 systems that could not be restored on x86 systems
  • Disabled log attachment for success mail notification in setup tool.
  • Isolated first split backups are flagged as corrupted when verified
  • Issue when uninstalling CB, no restart then uninstalling COS;

Known issues:

  • minor setup GUI issues;
  • sometimes CB launches without its UI or the UI can be erased with items from the desktop;
  • sometimes CBWizard crashes when it is closed;
  • issues with reigistry files backup and registry entries backup
  • the contents for the destination drive are not displayed for sync jobs;
  • the path and filename for a synchronized backup are set automatically, even though the user sets a different path and filename
  • the backup name changes to default after switching between destination tabs;
  • sometimes the source selection for the previous backup is not displayed in the “Last Backup” section;
  • sometimes attempting to execute a mirror operation causes CB to crash;
  • sometimes CB executes the mirror operation for a partition different than the selected partition;
  • errors occur when trying to copy files from the Online Storage from within CB Online Storage TAB
  • the progress bar might jump from 0% to 100% completion for disk/partition backups;
  • ‘Please type sync interval’ issue with Instant Sync

Bug Reports:

Please use this topic to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

BETA NOTICE: This product is intended for special users (BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and not be suitable for your everyday use yet. Please do not use it in your production machines.

Download Location:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit:

Download link:

Setup file size & checksums:
34.86 MB (36555056 bytes)
MD5: B7FE11943241C09458DADB3EF1350282
SHA1: 06DEAEB77F99D2C62D7BDB5FB7524B46471654B4

Edit: Added "‘Please type sync interval’ issue with Instant Sync "

Installing now. :slight_smile:

That’s a nice fix list :-TU

very impressive fix/improvement list. installing now

Emanuel can an option be added to create an .iso file for the rescue disk?

Just got back off holiday and a new beta to play with :slight_smile:

Noted that the option to create a rescue disc has now been added that has been asked for by lots of users :slight_smile: :-TU

Ran CBU selected settings and popped my nice new CD into the drive, clicked ‘create disc’ and told have to restart with Administrator rights ! O.K not too bad. Restarted CBU back to settings clicked on ‘create disc’ and told that need to have Windows AIK installed ??? so clicked O.K, Dragon fired up and took me to the download page for Windows AIK a 1.7GB iso :o ???

Sorry guys but very disappointed :cry: to create a bootable recovery disc with other well known software, all that is needed is a CD and a small linux disc is created within a few minutes with NO additional downloads or software installs.

IMHO although a bootable disc can now be created, this will still put users off as having to download a large iso - and then there will be quite a few users that will not know how to correctly burn an iso to disc - install additional software to then create a disc will be too much :‘( :’(

I personally will continue to use CBU as it has some great functions, but please can the bootable recovery disc be improved by being simpler to create ?

totally agreed with Dolphin66… to download Windows AIK a 1.7GB iso for creating bootable media… you gotta kidding me…
you can take example of easeus todo backup… whose bootable rescue disk is about 75MB based on Linux (correct me if I’m wrong) … which is a free software…
and not the least mighty acronis true image whose bootable resue disk is about 110MB…

comodo must work on making own bootable rescue disk which is lesser in size… I don’t have a bandwidth to download 1.7 GB windows AIK…
as for now comodo backup is not a product to be installed on my pc

Im sure once comodo creates their own bootable environment they will include it but until then we will have to use this method.

There was some talk about it but it has been a long while since anything has been said.

yes some scenerios a boot CD is a must....its coming....

this quote was from Melih

:-La Would it not at least be possible that when the ‘Create Rescue Disk’ button is clicked, it takes you to a web page with instructions on how to burn an iso correctly to disc and then a download link for an iso of an already created disc, as this would be a smaller download and users not having to install Windows AIK on their PC’s / Laptops? :slight_smile:

Nice release.

Bit of a PITA to download the AIK ISO, but worth doing once. Recovery works and works well.

Rally relieved to see email backups working again. :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, it will be added in next release.

Nice work :slight_smile: I will look at it once I have time :slight_smile:

What ever happened to fixing Instant Sync?

It should be fixed. Please try it.
I think it was an oversight in the what’s fixed/improved list.

Emanuel can some more information be added for when browsing different hard drives? Currently CB only shows the drive letter not the label. it would be really helpful to see the drives label/name


[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes, it will be added in next BETA


Good to hear, thanks