Comodo Backup 4.1.4 Differential Backup

I used NTBackup and it’s predecessors for over 25 years and never lost a byte of data. Maybe I’m just not understanding backup programs that don’t use the archive bit.

I do a full backup every Thursday night and then do a differential backup the rest of the week. No problems there. I have a script that creates the CBS file and for the differential backup it references the last full backup as the parent. The problem is when I try to restore a file from the differential.

I backup fileA on Thursday (full backup). Friday the file is deleted, but when I do the Friday differential backup, fileA shows up as a entry in the CBU file. When I try to restore fileA from the differential, it restores first from the parent, Thursday full backup, then restores from the Friday differential. When everything is done fileA exists on the disk as a zero byte file. If fileA has been changed since the last full backup, then it shows up on each differential backup and everything works fine.

My question is why is there an entry for the file on the differential CBU when the file was deleted prior to the differential backup?

I finally settled on using Comodo for full daily backups on selected drives and folders and using Acronis for a full system weekly backup.

Thank you for any help.


It’s a bug with the way backup tree is displayed. It will be fixed in next release.