Comodo BackUp 3.0 is better than previous versions?

I’m a happy user of Comodo Backup since version 1. I used CBU to synchronize a very big folder “Works” to another folder on another partition/hard drive: it used to work like a charm. Silently and without requiring much CPU the synchronization agent was doing its job every day, every 5 minutes since months.

Now I upgraded to the version 3.0 and while wandering if my synchronization jobs were still there I read this in the Comodo Help:

Important Note: In Comodo BackUp v 3.0, items deleted from one location will not be automatically removed from the other location. This means that the user must delete the item from both source and destination folders (otherwise they will be copied back upon the next sync operation). Delete propagation will be available from version 3.1 onwards.

From: Comodo Help

Quite bad! Delete propagation wasn’t a problem in the previous versions!

Then I created a couple of synchronization jobs, one for a very small folder and one for the same big folder “Works” (destination already exists). Thus my hard drive started running continously! I deleted the second big job… but the hard drive was always running… I waited some time, but it was still running over and over… I deleted the first job… No way: the hard drive is always running!
So I terminated the process SynchronizationService.exe…

Do you think I’ll have a CBU 3.1 running without hogging the hard drive and CPU/memory resources?
How long should I wait to have another CBU working as before?


The issue with resource usage will be fixed in next release.
There is a BETA of the new version already available:
The final release probably will be out next month.


Thanks for your answer.
I wait for the next stable release, I can’t try the beta version on this home-office PC.

BTW: why did CBU go back?! I’m terminating the process SynchronizationService.exe everyday: just some minutes after starting my PC, it begins hogging memory and hard drive runs continously!

I can’t believe CBU version 3.0 is worse than the good previous versions.

Ok, I uninstalled CBU 3.0: I always needed to terminate SyncronizationService.exe…

Will the free edition of CBU 4.0 feature a good sync backup process running in the background?


Yes, the synchronization feature will be free.


Ok, I’ll wait for CBU 4.

Thank you