COMODO BackUp 3.0 build 56 BETA2 released

We are happy to announce that COMODO BackUp 3.0 build 56 BETA2 is available for download.

What’s fixed:

  • incremental/differential backups
  • mounting backups and BSOD when attempting to mount a backup for files and directories created with 3.0 version
  • Online storage and Online drive
  • Schedule backup issues
  • command line and scripting issues
  • GUI issues

Known Issues:

  1. Mounting a backup performed with 2.2 version or earlier might take some time depending on the backup size.
  2. Registry and System backups performed with 2.2 and previous versions for files that are locked might be corrupted. To avoid crashing the operating system these backups should not be restored after restart, especially if these files are used by the operating system.
  3. Synchronize might fail if the sync interval is more than a few minutes

Bug Reports:

Please use COMODO BackUp 3.0 build 56 BETA 2 BUG REPORTS to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs

If you have Comodo BackUp BETA Release installed on your computer please remove it before you proceed with the BETA2 Release Installer.

BETA NOTICE: This product is intended for special users (BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and not be suitable for your everyday use yet. Please do not use it in your production machines.

Download Locations:

Setup for Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Server 2003 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Server 2008 32-bit/64-bit:


Size : 15.92 MB (16694832 bytes)
MD5 : 427b2386d6ee3bfbd167a9e9ea55ffd6
SHA1 : 51642afa92ea56258364d2a7db40d9523c91205e

Thanks Emanuel,

Downloading now :-TU

Thanks Emanuel

Will give it a try very soon.


Comodo online backup account is still not used?


If you signed up for old COB client, the accounts are not yet usable with Comodo BackUp 3.0 BETA2.
They will be usable when GA release will available.

If you are new client, and you signed up here: Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account it should work


As theres no help file yet, can someone make a small overview of that the backup formats does?

Like this:

CBU File:
Sync copy:
Simple copy:
ZIP file:
ISO file:
Self Exetracting CBU:


These are different ways of storing data.

Data is stored in a single CBU file. This file is usable only with Comodo BackUp. You can set compression, encryption, split, you can store multiple incrementals in the same cbu file, you can mount them.

Sync copy is a synchronized copy of the source. All changes on the source folder will be reflected on destination.

Data is copied from source to destination, just like copy-paste operation.

Data is stored in a ZIP file. ZIP files can be extracted using Windows Explorer or other unZIP programs.

Data is stored in ISO file format. See this for more details: ISO 9660 - Wikipedia

Data is stored in the same way as it would be in a CBU file, plus executable code so you can later restore it on other machines without installing Comodo BackUp



I am trying to check out this new beta version, because it seems to have incremental backup possibilities. However, I don’t really get how I can accomplish the following:

At work, I have data on my hard drive and on several network drives, all together about 50 GB. I would like to have an up to date copy of all of this data on an external hard drive. However, to prevent the copy operation of 50 GB every time, I would like to copy only files that have changed such that I keep having an exact replicate of the data. The backup should be of the type ‘simple copy’ (or alike) because I want to access the files on the fly on any other PC.

I tried to make a ‘simple copy’ and this worked fine. Then I tried to change some files and make an incremental copy. This is where I got stuck. Any thoughts??

I would be happy to use Comodo Backup for my backups, because to me it seems a well thought and well supported piece of software.


You can try synchronized copy (although some issues were reported regarding sync).
Or you can use incremental CBU file(s), which will definitely work:
1 - Go to “New Backup”
2 - Select advanced mode
3 - select your files & dirs
4 - select incremental (create new)
5 - set your destination (backup step 2) and other options.
6 - You can schedule the backup or you can run it now and save it as custom profile.


Hi Emmanuel,

thanks for your reply. However, backing up to a CBU file doesn’t allow me to use the files on the external drive directly. Therefore, this is no solution for me. And apparently synchronizing different folders from different locations is difficult with CB.

Today I found Karens Replicator, which is a very simple tool that exactly does the trick for me.

I decided therefore to use this instead of CB.

Good luck with the further development of CB.

Edit: Put in bug thread.