COMODO BackUp 2.0.95790.2 BETA released!


COMODO Backup 2.0.95790.2 BETA has been released! We added new features and worked on improving the speed.

What’s new:

  • restore on partitions/disk that are different in size than original partition/disk;
  • added Pidgin as supported messenger client;
  • added Outlook Express as supported mail client;
  • .reg file backup (for custom registry location);
  • improved networking (network path for backup/restore can be typed directly);
  • added backup jobs (as scheduled backups with run at user request);
  • added ‘run now’ option for each scheduled backup;
  • improved backup/restore speed.

Known Issues:

  • not all network computers might be listed, but you can type the full path.

Bug Reports:

Please use to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

BETA NOTICE: This product is intended for special users (BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and not be suitable for your everyday use yet. Please do not use it in your production machines.

Download Locations:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2000:

Size: 3.95 MB (4,150,272 bytes)
MD5: 6a7d342dca4ce0f1f265fc6e1b481fca
SHA1: ed9be51e05dbf72190bd051779c677542e7a4917

good work guys


Thanks Andrei

It looks like you have done a lot of work on BU2. I will test it out soon.



Thank you. Yeap, until final release you’ll have a lot of new things in it. We enable them as they pass QA.

Nice one :-TU.

Looking forward to downloading/installing later when I get home from work. Do you have a rough date when the bootable rescue cd will become available for restoring partitions? Also, good to hear the speed has increased (comparing to G4L and Clonezilla).


Edit: Just backed up my C: drive (6gb) using medium compression in 30 minutes. Image size is 3.5gb

Nice release guys. :-TU Looking forward to the next one with more feature added in.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I really want this one!

And great work guys, congratulations! :-TU :-TU :-TU

Thank you! :comodomarryme:

By the way Andrei, I added BETA to the topic title after 2.0.95790.2


Thank you - I forgot to added… my bad. I hope that all users paid attentions to the rest of BETA warnings.

Nice. :slight_smile: I wasn’t expecting this.


This program works with wonders! :slight_smile:

Fantastic for Imaging my entire Computer. Always having an image to restore to is awesome, and this one works alot more efficient. This will be an excellent competitor to the likes of Acronis, etc when it goes final and with the Bootable Rescue CD.
Well done guys!