Comodo, AVG and EMail

When I installed Comodo and AVG anti-virus, neither Outlook nor Thunderbird could send email.

Thoughtyou would want to know because, otherwise, Comodo is impressive.

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Comodo are looking into a conflict between the AVG scanner and CPF. You can temporarily disable the scanner or put CPF to ‘allow all’ when sending/receiving emails.
There are some posts on the forums about this issue if you do a search.

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After trying comodo anti virus, It found several adware that AVG never did. So far, have been quite impressed with it. it also found a virus that AVG overlooked.

Well it appears Comodo have found the problem and an update will be released sometime next week. The following post has a reply from Egemen about the problem and the fix:,502.0.html

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Security package from Comodo can not compare with AVG because the database of virus recognition is much better !!!

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Please note the date 2006

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