Comodo AV Update causing PC to Lock up during gameplay?

Long time Comodo user here using CIS v5 all up to date on recently built PC running Win7 64bit OS. I recently got back into playing FM2011 again and have noticed the following. The game is a football management game and I have no problems while going about my daily management duties, the actual match is a 3D graphical display and I watch all my matches in full which takes approx 30-40mins real time. Since building my new PC last Xmas I have had no problems at all but suddenly the PC would either lock up or crash the game. It happened 4-5 times before I realised that it always crashed/locked up when I was actually playing a match and during it Comodo would update the AV definitions.

I have the game added to my trusted programs list but I don’t think that is the problem it is most definitely something to do with the AV update at 3D match time. It is not the graphics card either as the ATI Radeon 5750 I have installed is way more than adequate to run the game. Is there a rule I could add or a work round for this problem?.

Set CIS to Game Mode before starting a game. Don’t forget to return afterwards.

Thanks again for the help Eric. I will try that and see how it goes.

Tried that but it isn’t working, in fact it has made it worse as it used to be quite random but now it is every match?.

Game Mode should normally disable the av updating.

What makes you think it is the AV updating? Did you check cpu activity of cmdagent.exe with Task Manager? Did you make recent software changes to your system? Do you have other security program that is running in the background too?

Was busy yesterday Eric and didn’t get back here. I found an aid in the FAQ’s (see link below) and followed the advice given in part 5. Since then I have had two sessions on the game without any problems. fingers crossed that has done the job, thanks again for the reply.;msg434597#msg434597