Comodo AV tests

Hi guys,

where I could find a serious/third part test about comodo av detection rate?? I’d like to see, soon or later, an AV comparatives test that involves comodo too…

I am yet to see a serious test from comparatives about comodo. 88)
They said they would have it tested but it has not happend.

Actually, I saw some reviews on youtube…seems that comodo did a good job…but AV COMPARATIVES should be a better testing field…untill 2 or 3 years ago, comodo AV wasn’t very good…but now, as far as I know, should be on the same level of avg, avast, avira…etc…especially considering version 5 beta…so, comodo team, lets manage to test comodo av on av-comparatives…I think the product is mature to do it. :wink:

May be you could read some forum threads or search for the answer. Then you would see that this question was asked million of times. And the answer is that Comodo will be tested in the next AV-C test because they missed last one

@ adonis

No one forces you to answer me, if you don’t want. Anyway, thanks for your reply.

There’s a sticky in the News subforum: will test CAV in the next set of tests.