Comodo AV Stops

I have just been running a full virus scan and comodo anti-virus has stopped at the following file:

C:\System Volume Information_restore{CC5E0B69-8EE1-4CDA-9CB1-FFFEA1432A6C}\RP19\A0017561.tlb

No errors and Comodo does not continue with the next file and it hasn’t frozen as the Duration count keeps going up.

Any ideas what may be causing this as it is making it impossible to see if my computer is clean!

O/S: Windows XP SP3
Comodo: 5.8.211697.2124
Virus Signature Database Version: 10487

The folder in question has no permissions except for SYSTEM so is that likely the cause? Although even if it is the cause it looks like a bug as Comodo shouldn’t just stop dead…

I have successfully managed to stop the scan giving further indications that comodo did not freeze or crash. Also there is noting logged in the virus event log.