Comodo AV Sadly Unusable UI - Is it intentional?

I was using ClamAV/TK but questioned its currency, and thought I would try Comodo.

I am using trusted Ubuntu 18.04-3 LTR … totally updated

This is just for Comodo’s benefit! Not just complaining!
The UI (User Interface) is old and tired looking (OK just an opinion) … back to facts …

The windows of the UI are TOO SMALL for the Text! To be more clear … the little windows show probably 1/2 to 1/1000th the info in them … as I can’t see it I don’t know.

I managed to run it and it found some stuff great! Then the selection squares were PUNY!

Ran it the next day and the windows again were so crammed I could not use it.

I thought this is impossible for a mature program! and tried 1080p instead of 4K, still the same issue.

I give up! :-X

And I am throwing this out there because I can NOT see anything similar on the web … usually meaning (of course) that it is not common.

But trust me it is pathetic in Ubuntu. (The UI that is)

and to be clear I am pretty good at troubleshooting! And even tried to go into settings and Fonts …

No JOY :-X

Just for Comodo’s Benefit … I thought you might want to know!

Always trying to help, Mark :smiley: