Comodo AV plus installed now unable install/start Com Fw:

Hi; as Newbie looking forward to Comodo. Already just had Comodo Av plus installed but then decided to scrub old Fw and use Comodo’s FW. Dnloaded it but install abort cos was ‘Incompatible’.

Read Forum and came across this advice from Dennis 2 on Oct 7th …
‘just go to Start menu > Comodo Add and Remove Components.
Make sure you tick both otherwise if you just tick the firewall it will uninstall the AV’

Tried this on my Win7 laptop - but does not work.
Confusing since i thought the Com Fw was hidden inside the initial AV download

Do I have to uninstall then install the complete CIS?
Appreciate any advice on this,… Thanks


On my Win 7 Laptop the only ref to Firewall install is> Program Files, >Comodo> cmdinstall > expands to COMODO Firewall Security.cfgx (plus 2 other gfiles)
But this is only 120Kb; also Windows unable to Open.

Any suggestions on original prob?


What version of the AV were you using? Version 4?

EricJH thanks for reply.
Using 4: Uncertain re effect of a full Uninstall etc
But tried it & working fine now

Comodo is a :slight_smile: Great package

What version are you using v4 or v5? When on v4 consider updating to v5 as it does a much better job with the sandbox.

When using the updater in v4.1 your active profile will be saved and can be found under Manage My Configurations in case you want to use that again. I would suggest to start with a clean configuration of v5 to enjoy the extra security it brings.

If I understand correctly he uninstalled his V4 and installed V5.