Comodo AV in Windows 2008 Server


I know CIS is not designed to run on servers.
But is it possible to run ONLY the AntiVirus (weather Firewall and Defense+ are disabled or as standalone) on Windows 2008 Server?

Thank you for your time and excellent support. :-TU

are you able to run the application as windows 7/vista/xp? if you than it shouldn’t be a problem

I understand that CIS includes a Firewall thats its not compatible with Windows Servers.
As well as the Defense+. Because of the Structure of the OS.

So, I am doubting if the AV would impact in a negative way the server.

It seems a bit unpredictable, I run several 2003/2008 and 2008 R2 boxes with different setups of CIS.
I always start with CIS AV/FW/D+ and remove FW and or D+ if I run in to issues.

On a file server don’t run FW, it will slowdown to much, also Real-Time AV on a file server with enough traffic isn’t a good idea.
But scheduled scans shouldn’t be an issue.

Thank you Ronny,

So you, or maybe COMODO too, wouldnt recommend me to put AV in a Window Server 2008 running ONLY a Mail Server. By meaning ONLY, its literally ONLY a mail server. Other services such as websites, ftp, databases, etc, are not running in the server.

Depends if there is a lot of disk IO, Mailbox file based, database based?
I think you could go for a AV scheduled scan, but I have one server that doesn’t even like CIS while all options are disabled.
Is to setup dependent, I’d try the test environment first before trowing this on a production server.