Comodo AV for Linux

Hi there,

I was just wondering if the Comodo AV for Linux program is suitable for use on a CentOS 6.x enterprise server which is not running the GUI of Gnome but which is administered through Web Host Manager and cPanel?

The server provides shared web hosting, emails servers and more to clients so it is by no means acting as a personal computer.

I have looked through the manual for Comodo AV for Linux to see how it can be installed and it would appear that the method of installation is through the Gnome GUI. How would I go about installing Comodo AV for Linux CentoS 6.x via the command line since I do not and cannot use Gnome alongside WHM and cPanel due to compatibility issues?


I don’t use centos, but would it be something the equivalent of ubuntu’s

sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb?


sudo yum install packagename.rpm?

Even if you got it installed I’m not sure where you’d go from there - I’ve never seen any command line use instructions.

(By the way, there seem to be 2 undeclared dependencies - make and gcc.)