Comodo AV does not provide adequate protection - be very careful!

I downloaded both the Comodo AV and Firewall to replace ZoneAlarm free some months ago and until today was reasonably happy. Today I downloaded a file from an untrusted web site and immediately got suspicious when it ran but did nothing (I know - I shouldn’t have done that!). I scanned the file with Comodo and it declared it Virus Free. I did a full scan and it found nothing.

Then the Firewall started reporting that a strange file “loader.exe” was trying to access the Internet. Immediately I disconnected all network access and started looking around. Sure enough, “loader.exe” was a Backdoor Trojan and was recording keystrokes.

I had a copy of AVG Free available and did a scan with AVG. Bingo - it identified “loader.exe” as a Trojan and immediately moved to remove it. I then did a full scan and it found other copies of the same file and deleted them.

After the full scan I rebooted, then for added safety ran the system through Kaspersky AV. It came up clean. To double-check Kaspersky, I downloaded the file again - but did not run it - and scanned with Kaspersky. Sure enough it reported it as a Virus.

The moral of the story? Comodo totally failed and [b]did not provide the level of protection I expected/b. I can no longer trust the Comodo product and have therefore permanently replaced it with AVG Free. I would not be so harsh if it wasn’t that other vendors had already provided for a Torjan that has been in the wild for several months.

Do not use Comodo AV if you want real protection!!

were you using CAV 1.1?


Yes I was using the latest version and it was fully updated with virus signatures etc.

CAV 1.1 is a beta version.
the latest updated beta is available on the beta section. Pls bear in mind we are improving it week by week and we hope that it will come out of beta by end of Jan…