Comodo AV detecting BleepingComputer's Rkill as a virus


I am running CIS 5.8 Beta [RC2] on Windows 7 Pro SP-1. I have a USB stick with several utilities I use to clean malware on infected PCs. One of the utilities is BleepingComputer’s Rkill.

However, I plug-in this USB stick on my computer running CIS 5.8 the anti-virus detects RKill as a virus and offers me to quarantine it. I have indicated the AV that Rkill is a safe application and thus, should be ignored. I have even sent this application to Comodo for whitelisting several times to no avail. The anti-virus keeps detecting these utilities as malicious.

Could you please help me with this FPs ?


Hi nighthawkpr7,

Please submit detected file using the following link so we can check it:

Thanks and Regards,


Thanks for your prompt response. I’ve already submitted 7 files freshly downloaded from BleepingComputer [dot] com

Each file is about 985kb in size.

They come from BleepingComputer which are affiliated to Malwarebytes Antimalware. Therefore, these Rkill files should be safe to use and shouldn’t be detected by Comodo AV as malware.


Hi nighthawkpr7,

Thanks for submission.We will check that and get back to you.


Hello nighthawkpr7,

The False Positives that you have submitted to us are now fixed. You can check with Virus Signature Database version 10411 and confirm.

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Yes, you’re right. The aforementioned files are no longer detected as viruses.

Thanks so much for sorting that out.