Comodo AV Database copy & paste

I have CIS 5 installed. If I want to reinstall CIS, I can copy the AV Database from Scanners folder & paste it after reinstall, right?? I know to paste the database I have to logon to windows in Safe mode. I want to know to copy the database, I can copy it in Normal mode or I have to copy it in Safe mode. Can I paste the database in Normal mode??


yup you can do it as far as i know.i ve done it so many times.when i installs cis in any other computer i takes a copy of bases.cav from my system so as to save time and money.i had zero issues with that.
what i do is
1)installs cis
2)copies bases.cav
3)replaces it just before pushing the finish button and restarts the system.

You mean to say you paste the bases.cav in normal mode

Yes, I can confirm the solution from josinpaul.

To do a reinstallation:

take a copy of bases.cav and place it on desktop


reinstall but do not restart computer

copy and paste bases.cav from desktop to scanners

restart computer

yes…but just before pressing the “Finish” tab.

Is it required to rename the existing bases.cav to bases.old & paste the downloaded bases.cav or existing bases.cav can be deleted & downloaded bases.cav can be pasted.


Follow the procedure described in Where can i download the latest full AV database?.

just copy and replace…it works…for me atleast

I know this procedure & have updated the database the way described here.

Just wanted to know instead of renaming the existing bases.cav to bases.old, can it be deleted & the downlaoded bases.cav be pasted.


Replace here means delete existing bases.cav & paste downloaded bases.cav i.e delete existing bases.cav instead of renaming it to bases.old, right???

yup…you are correct…

Thanxx for the info & help.


It is only magic or smoke and mirrors when you fail to understand.

I found that when I installed C.I.S. version 3.?? I could do what I liked with Bases.CAV because C.I.S. was not protecting its files until AFTER I rebooted, where upon Bases.CAV was fully protected in Normal mode and could only be manipulated in SAFE mode.

I assume the same applies to versions 4 and 5, and hope this “workaround” is relevant and will continue with future releases.