Comodo AV causes windows to BSOD when trying to access SD card

System: Toshiba Satellite P100-324 notebook with integrated Texas Instruments PCIxx12 flash card reader, driver version (seems to be the latest available),
windows XP MCE SP2.

When SD card is inserted into the card reader it is not recognized, device manager shows yellow exclamation mark and reports that device failed to start with code 10. Uninstalling the device by right-clicking on SD card in the device manager and selecting uninstall, and removing and re-inserting SD card resolves the initial error, however attepmpts to access files on the card cause windows to crash with “stop 0x35 NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS” code after several operations, typically I
can open a drive, change a folder, open a file and then then it crashes. Problem is 100% repeatable.

SD card driver was already the latest available, I tried to reinstall it just in case - no effect. Various internet sources recommended increasing HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\IRPStackSize - this didn’t help either, or suggested that this problem may be caused by antivirus software - and that unfortunately was it, uninstalling Comodo AV resolved the issue. Plain vanilla USB flash drives work fine. Hope to see a fix real soon.

BTW I am a bit confused - I’ve submitted several CAVS tickets on, they were accepted, some comments were added by the staff (although nothing done yet - including a virus I submitted 3 weeks ago - still not detected), but after the fourth bug report I’ve received the following reaction

[i]Thanks for using our Software.

We provide the support for the beta version of Comodo Antivirus on Comodo forums.

Please register here and submit your query that will help us to serve you better.

So if this is the correct place to post CAVS bugs, why allows posting antivirus tickets?

Product Information
Build Version:
DataBase Version:
AllowDB Version:
Program Updates Version:

License Information
License Status: Activated
Product Installation Date: 18-Sep-2007
Product Activation Date: 20-Aug-2007

Program Files Information

System Information
Operating System: Windows XP
Operating System Version: 05.01.2600
Service Pack: Service Pack 2
Internet Explorer Version: 6.0.2900.2180

Hardware Information
Central Processing Unit (CPU): Unknown P6 family
Total Memory: 2046MB

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that Comodo isn’t quite ready for the presentation of a set of desktop products to market.

No only does this forum require a third username and password in the Comodoshpere but the forums are madly organised. Just try to search inside the CAV forum for a word - first into the Advanced page, then untick everything and hunt for CAV forum or FAQs. You’d think that somewhere in CAV-talk is the word ‘slow’ - but, no.

CAV itself has pages under a completely different domain - - and THEN the product is referred to Antiviruspyware. That’s the type of consistency we don’t need.

I’m waiting for IE6 to bring up on a machine with CAV2 installed and half the system tray icons missing.

Do we have a dead duck here or what…?

I had the same issue wtih a Dell Inpsiron 6400. Removed Comodo and it works fine…Interesting…


There is a known issue with CAVS and usb devices, wherein they unable to be removed while CAVS is enabled. I’m thinking that your error may help shed some insight on that.

I’ve PM’d the lead developer and asked for his input.

As to the Support issue, I don’t have an answer for you on that. I’ve wondered that myself. :wink:


I recently re-installed a HD that I have used before, which was also before I had Comodo products installed. After booting windows I get the 0X035 NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS. Uninstalling CAVS fixes the error. I installed KB887742, which has to do with windows stops responding with certain AV or FW installed. Re-installed CAVS and the problem still happens. This time uninstalling CAVS, it ■■■■■■■ up my LSP and whatever else. After hours of fighting, I am back on line. NO MORE CAVS for me, I should have stayed away from BETA anyway. (:SAD)

I really do believe we have to declare the existence of two species of Comodo:

  1. the Komodo Dragon, Varanus Komodoensis, the world’s largest lizard, that can grow up to three metres (almost ten feet) in length, found on certain islands in the Indonesian archipelago, and
  2. the Comodo security suite, essentially a dead duck.