Comodo AV and Comodo CIS incompatibility ?

Hi, trying not to bother the support staff I decided to uninstall my CIS software and reinstall a fresh one, so I did and after installation I noticed there was no AV in the Coomodo Window so went again to the Comodo Website and downloaded the Comodo AV assuming it was an optional part of the CIS. Once downloaded I executed it and it said after some alert windows I should first uninstall CIS 5.** which I had downloaded minutes after and assuming it was the latest version.
So at this time I do not have any Comodo AV protection and would like to know what to do.

All this thread comes because Comodo weekly scan stopped after a very long time and many files so I decided to make a fresh install hoping to fix the bug or whatever makes CIS scan to halt.

Thor Hedderich

Hi Teeh.
Depends which installer you used to what gets installed by default, they are all capable of installing each component.
You should be able to go to add/remove programs in XP, or programs/features in Win7 in the control panel.
Single click Comodo internet security then click change and make sure both AV and Firewall are ticked then click next to install both. See screenshot.
Kind regards.

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