Comodo Auto Update Problems

Something weird is going on with Comodo Firewall.

I disabled the DNS Client service on my WIN XP SP3 PC since I was having problems clearing the DNS cache. Of course that forced iexplorer to do DNS resolution versus svchost. Well, after I rebooted I noticed entires on port 53 outound for Comodo’s update program. This was the first time since I installed Comodo a few weeks back that I had seen any evidence that Comodo was attempting an update. Subsequently, I reset the DNS client service to auto and guess what? No more Comodo auto update attempts.

Additionally, Comodo wasn’t the only updater that I saw connecting via port 53 when the DNS client service was disabled, all the updaters were connecting via port 53 versus port 80.

So how do I get the Comodo auto update to work when the DNS client service is enabled? Also what gives with these port 53 connections to application programs when the DNS client service is disabled.

Looks like I don’t have a problem with Comodo updates after all. I recieved a popup yesterday notifing me of the 3.10 new release. Now I only recieved this once but at least it did inform me that an update was available.

Related somewhat to this (I’'m new at this Forum and perhaps it’s not the right place to Post this Problem) … when I try to “manually” do an Update by going to Misc->Check for Updates … I’m getting an Error:108 (check my Internet connection) but in the last version (I’ve been using Comodo for a couple of years now) this didn’t happen.

Any remedies to this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please read here

Thanks for your FAST Reply but I was a little faster :slight_smile: and had already found the same thread!

Thanks again tough! :-TU

The link to the other post referenced above is no longer working.

I am running Win 7 RC and it looks like Comodo Firewall is not updating at all.
3.5.57173.439 and I get message 101 that url is incorrect.

Looks like I may need to reinstall since there does not appear to be a way to correct the url.

Any ideas???

Sorry a reinstall is necessary there was a update to 3.8 at that time the current release is 3.10
You can download it here