Comodo attack detection settings?

What is a good number to set it at? I don’t really understand how this feature works, i have always left it at 20-20-20 but i set to to 1 packet a second for 100 seconds.
Is this a good rate? can somebody explain to me how this works.
Thank you.

You mean the Firewall> Advanced > attack detection settings > Intrusion detection… settings?

You refer to the numbers under TCP flood, UDP flood and ICMP flood?? =)

Iam not a network technician myself but those settings can protect you some from stuff such as Denial of service attacks usually something used to bring down servers and not home computers… =/

I believe 20packages/20sec is probably good settings… But if you like you can make it more sensitive eg setting them to 16packages/20sec… =)

I believe if some of those rules are triggered your firewall will go into “emergency mode”…

But Iam a bit unsure… =/