Comodo Ate Explorer.exe HELP!!! How to get out of Quarantine

Hi. I just ran a scan with HIGH Heuristics to get rid of Antivirus Vista 2010. The scan found 6 objects.
2 were the Fake AV. I quarantined ALL. The other 4 objects were just files,. I didn’t really check them before I quarantined them. It turns out 1 of the files was explorer.exe!! HELP!
I can’t open Comodo to get to quarantine to release explorer. I can’t open hardly anything.

Is there a workaround to open Comodo?
Is there a site I can go to to download the explorer.exe file directly into the PC.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Run task manager, new task, cmd. If that does not work, boot in safe mode, command prompt only You should be able to copy files bypassing explorer.exe

Hope this helps


Would running checkdisk solve the problem?

Checkdsk functionality is to scan the hard drive for errors such as bad sectors also file systems error but not missing files. Have you tried the command prompt option?

I am going to try the command prompt option tomorrow. I will attempt the System File Checker option.
I hope this will find that the explorer.exe file is missing and replace it. If not, I will have to copy the file over to the other PC that is missing it.
However, I have Vista SP1 and the other PC has VisTA SP2. Will this make any difference?

Final question. Is the explorer.exe file in Vista SP1 the same as the explorer.exe in Vista SP2?
I have SP1 and the other PC has SP2. I want to copy over my explorer.exe.
Will this be OK?

Assume they are different. Even if they were the exact same binary the version numbers would still be different. Replacing them could result in unpredictable behaviour.

Using System File Checker or Safe Mode are the better options here

YIKES! It seems I have egg on my face. I finally did manage to open Comodo in safe mode in a roundabout way. I looked in Quarantine and discovered that Comodo DID NOT eat explorer.exe. It just found those 6 threats. 2 of which were av.exe. Scary. Anyway, this only being the 3rd time I have cleaned a PC, I wasn’t aware until LITERALLY 15 minutes ago that the NEW Rogues are Hijacking the Registry in a way that affects .exe performance. It changes a value to .sec or something. That causes windows to report that explorer.exe and many other .exe are missing or corrupt. I’ve never seen this before. Anyway, this morning I was able to get Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool to run in safe mode only after I loaded it and CCleaner from a regular Cd onto the affected PC. It was CCleaner that actually removed the files necesssary to allow KVRT to run. KVRT found 4 ZLOB infections and 3 Win32 Trojans. The PC has normalized. Sorry for the false alarm.
This particular infection looked like it might be Virut. I’m so happy it isn’t.
Comodo found 1 more infection while KVRT was running! 14 infections in all. I was a little disappointed that CIS didn’t see the Zlob and other trojans, but no AV is perfect. Things are better by miles now.
Thank you for your help. At this point, I think I will advise the young lady to get the NEW Comodo 4.0.
It seems to have an excellent detection rate. Cheers!