Comodo Asks in 'Custom Policy' Mode About Application with an Allow Rule


I attempted to reconfigure Comodo Firewall to stop a particular message requesting access from appearing on a machine.

After the configuration, Comodo still asks for confirmation that the connection is allowed. The message is regarding a System application (nbname udp 137 in). I already have a rule for ‘System’ that allows all internal traffic (whole class C subnet) and blocks (and logs) all other traffic, however it appears to be ignoring this and asking anyway. The rule resides second from last in the Application Rules list.

There are no rules that contain an ‘Ask’ action (other than the default one in the ‘Email Client’ predefined policy, which is not applied to any application in the list).

The firewall is running in ‘Custom Policy’ mode.

Is this a bug, or should one system application be ignoring Comodo’s rules?

Many thanks.

Can you show screenshots of Global Rules and Application rules?

the question that you see is generated before the ingoing traffic even “reached” your aplication rule.
because of global rules.

btw, dont you think, allowing all (ingoing) traffic for something general like “system” is like disabling the firewall?
if you dont have a good reason for doing so, i would say, dont do it.