Comodo ASG Infrastructure Move

I just want to say to Comodo I think it is poor planning to give me 7 days notice that a major change is taking place and that on a working week day I will need to re route all my clients. Are you telling me you can only give 7 days notice and that I will need to move all my clients over on that day no warning or change over period.

You must be joking, I have never been given 7 days for a major change and no chance of any overlap so all customers must be moved on that day after you have made your changes.

Not a word about it on the so called support forum and with outstanding issues on existing platform as well.

Think like others this will be the final straw in a long line of support failures.

Hi Willard,

We are moving all our customers part by part to a better infrastructure on a weekly basis and we have not received any more time request from other customers. However, you may need much more time of course since it is up to your managed customers count and your workload. So, if you send your request to our support with your account details, we can change your migration date to later groups’ according to your time needed.

Besides, if you need any other assistance about your previous or current support requests, you can send the details to me in a private message whenever you need. I would be happy to help about them.


No need for it to be private two months ago the resend option from archive did not work you then fixed it and it then stopped working and I have had an open support case that has been replied to that you looking into it that has been over a week now and it still does not work.

Also you only have to look back here to see that your move to new servers have not always gone to plan!

Sorry to reply to my own message but there is no information about the SPF does this need to change as this need to be done well in advance so as not to not cause an issue.

There is no need to change your MX and SPF records. In addition, this is not such a DC change, this is just passing to a new better infrastructure in background part by part.

And our support guys tells me that we have not received any request from any customers to postpone their migration to later groups. I want to remind from there if anyone wants to pass to a later group and change your migration date which is notified to them, they can reach our support to submit their request about it with the related account details.

“this is just passing to a new better infrastructure in background part by part”…

You have to be kidding me. We were part of what appears to have been an announced pilot migration program which started without warning on June 26th when 23 of our customers in Australia were moved to this new infrastructure. Since then we have suffered from constant issues with emails going missing, delayed, rejected as spam for no reason, unable to access quarantine queues, etc. As a result we were forced to tell our customers we will be migrating them to other providers over the next 2 months. All up this has cost our company over 300 hours in responding to customer issues, not to mention damaged our reputation.

I sympathise with Comodo’s ASG support team as they appear, for the most part, to be trying to help. But the fundamental problem here seems to be an arrogant approach by the Comodo development team who are prepared to subject their customers to abuse by not planning or testing such a major change before rolling it out.

The final straw is we have now found what appears to be examples of our customers emails being sent to the mysterious email address For what purpose we don’t know, perhaps diagnostics or logging. We have asked for an explanation as this appears to be a breach of privacy.

I also have asked about this email address with no reply.

I won’t be far behind you in moving my clients away from ASG.


The notification emails about migration were sent to admin accounts one week before the migration date. Even so, if any customers think that the time is not enough for them to make this configuration, I reminded from here that any customers can access our support channel to request much time to be migrated. The main aim of our support and development teams is not just migrate all our customers to a better infrasturcture, they aim to migrate all our customers successfully to a better infrastructure without facing any problems. Thatswhy it has been chosen to migrate all customers part by part not at once. In addition, our development team are working on extra checking process for necessary configurations in each customers’ side to improve this migration process.

For your second issue about spam reporting mail address, I replied your specific topic about this just before in this page:

If you have any other concerns, please let me know to help you.


We have started the process of moving all 63 clients using Comodo ASG to Office 365. We have found the inbuilt spam filtering with O365 works just as well, and best of all we don’t have to deal with delayed, lost or corrupted emails.

I feel sympathy for the Comodo ASG support team who generally speaking have been polite and tried to help, but clearly they are being let down by poor development and deployment processes, and a management team who don’t either care or understand customers.

Over and out.

Here we go again. Now another round is set for 10/09. Why do you want to do this on a weekday? Do it on a weekend when traffic is light and delays are not so intrusive.
BAD planning >:(

So glad we moved all our customer away from Comodo ASG last month and escaped this sort of lunacy.

Do yourself a favour and use Exchange Online to filter your content. You only needed to buy one mailbox for $5 per month and then you can spam filter all emails through this for multiple domains, works like a charm.