Comodo, arch nemisis of Zonelabs?

They have censored the word “Comodo” in all of thier forums. THAT’S RIGHT!. Any posts that use variations of the name will be imediately deleted. Three of my posts so far have been deleted, even posts to the administrators have been deleted. One user recommended an alternative, I recommended “C-o-m-o-d-o” as the only way to bypass the censoring system and all my helpful posts were deleted. Zonelabs refuses to answer why they are censoring the word, and I am refusing to use any of their products EVER AGAIN! :BNC

any of you ex-zonelabs users, like I am. I will never go back. I am appalled beyond belief at their forum administrators. (:AGY) I have recommend other products before, and have never had any of them deleted.
Try to post on their forums and use the word “Comodo”, it will be cencored. and if you cleverly bypass the system, your post will be deleted immediately.

Wow. That’s not good.

Sorry I must now delete your topic since you said the Z-word. ;D :wink:

Comodo is way better then Zonealarm Free/Pro, so I will stick with Comodo for as long as it exists. Let as many posters as possible know of the tactics Zonelabs is now using to censor any notion of your existence!! I assume that you are now their biggest threat because your firewall is so superior to theirs.

I just needed to vent a little. (V)

Thanks & good choice. Nothing wrong with a bit of venting either. Also welcome to the forums… where only words like **** & **** are censored. ;D

BTW I need to move this topic to the general off-topic section, since you’re not asking for help. Is that OK with you?

Of course. I didn’t notice it.

They have censored the word "Comodo" in all of their forums. THAT'S RIGHT!. Any posts that use variations of the name will be immediately deleted.

LOL! :smiley: Clever admin’s (dictators) over in (war)zone labs… :o ::);D

Too funny - censorship and the ostrich approach to business strategy and competition won’t get ZoneLabs too far.

Oh well. Good luck to them.

I would urge zonelab to remove the censor in our Comodo name.

I simply do not see what they are going to gain by banning. If they are worried about our superiority and everyone jumping ship to Comodo, then go ahead and make your firewall free Zonelab and build it to be better than Comodo’s firewall!

Internet has created a free world, censoring Internet is NOT the way forward!

Again, I urge Zonelabs people to remove the censorship on the name of Comodo! Surely you are bigger than, trying to retain customers, by censoring your competitor’s names in your forums!


Nicely put Melih.

I also note that ZA seem to have deleted aweir’s post from yesterday asking ZA why C-o-m-d-d-o (yes, he did type Comddo, not Comodo… a typeo I guess) was being censored & why his posts were deleted without any explanation. ZA must be very upset about something. They seem to be acting without thinking.

I am so glad you guys agree. It’s the principle of the matter: engaging in an active campaign of censorship just seems to violate the first amendment and seems cowardly. It’s as if Zonelabs feels so threatened by Comodo they are willing to censor any mention of our existence. And on top of that I believe it is an excessive use, an abuse, of forum administrator powers. Just wait until the word gets around. I plan to do some whistle-blowing on other forums as well.

But what strangest of all is that other words such as Kaspersky, Kerio, Norton, Mcafee, Sygate, ect. are not censored. No, just “comodo” and any and all variations of the word.

Well it turns out I’ve just been banned.

I posted a message in their “off-topic” section:

“Enjoy your campaign of censorship”. And now they’re suppressing the truth.

And now I am banned. They might have won the battle, but the war’s not over.

How can you trust a company that censors their own users?

Talk about “shoot yourself in the foot”… :o

I’m sorry they banned you. I guess it was inevitable that they would eventually ban you if you kept posting things that they deleted. Personally, as a Moderator, I do feel that it was very unfair, to say the least, not giving you some form of warning first. Cancel that… it was dumb not give you any warning first. I mean, what on earth did they expect you to do if they banned you. Legitimate users often don’t take too kindly to being banned without warning. Silly.

You’re very welcome here anyway. But, I must warn you, and anybody else, not to post anything that might be deemed as an attack of some form on you-know-who, as it would be a breech of the forum rules. Then, I’ll ban ya… with a warning of course. ;D

I guess you might say I am glad I was banned because that just added fuel to the fire. And besides, I can always create a new nick. But I was NOT harrassing them or other posters. I was helping a forum member by suggesting an alternative product because they asked for other suggestions.

And after I realized the word was banned I posted a topic to the moderators. I was simply staing the obvious and they banned me rather than answer my very kind questions earlier. And now all my helpful posts to other members have been deleted.

It wan’t like I stormed in there with guns blazing.

This is unbelievable. Can anyone else confirm this? :-\

You can confirm it for yourself by going to Zonelabs’ forums and searching for the word “comodo”. I garauntee not ONE result. Further, if you created a user account and tried to use the word in a post, you will find that it is not only completely blocked (the word “comodo” automatically replaced with “BEEP”), but if you try to find a way around the filtering system, the admins will delete the post.


BTW Did they actually censor c-o-m-o-d-o forcing you to use c-o-m-d-d-o? I saw your, now deleted, forum topic from yesterday (for me anyway).

I tried to use the word “comodo” and their censoring system automatically changes the word to BEEP like it’s a swearword! And being that it’s considered a banned word, the post can be deleted manually by the admins if you try to trick the filtering system by using a different combination. “c-o-m-o-d-o/c-m-m-d-o”, ect, ect…

I guess that clarifies it.

Wonder what they’re gunna do about a ZA forum member called CPF?

I cant mention my password cause I’d have to ban myself!!

:BNC :■■■■ (:WIN)

Straight from their “Discussion Board User Terms of Use” (

  • Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten, or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.
  • Participate in off-topic discussions (except as appropriate in the “Miscellaneous” forum).
  • Post any fraudulent, misleading or malicious Submissions.
  • Offer for sale products or services.
  • Disparage the products or services of any company or individual.
  • Link to content not allowed on the Site.
  • Impersonate or represent Zone Labs, Zone Labs’ employees or other industry professionals.
  • Solicit another User’s password or other account information.
  • Harvest User names or email addresses for any purpose.
  • Use racially, ethnically, or otherwise offensive language.
  • Discuss or incite illegal activity, or post anything illegal or inappropriate.
  • Use explicit/obscene language or solicit/post sexually explicit images (actual or simulated).
  • Harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else to a User that is unwarranted.

If they’re in breach of their own conditions, should they ban themselves?


ewen :slight_smile: