Comodo Apps Missing

I noticed that Comodo Anti-theft, Comodo Backup, and Comodo App Lock are no longer in the Google Play store. Have they been completely abandoned, or will there be a replacement?

Yes, you are correct. Maybe a new version (or update) of CMS coming our way as the shortcuts on CMS GUI no longer work. Time will tell…


Seems abandoned as the Mobile Security no more update.
All seems broken on Android side.

CMS is still offered at the COMODO home page. This suggests the program is still working (okay, the links to e.g. Anti-Theft are dead, but the program itself is actually working) and the virus databases will be updated! … but I am not that sure with the Updates!?

Are there still virus database updates? (I have database version 68 … and I have the feeling it is a dead end!)
(Is at least the cloud still working? … with regular updates? Or is the cloud frozen)

Has the program been completely abandoned?

I like Comodo - I use many COMODO programs on my laptop and in general I also like CMS - it is not so overloaded as many other similar programs and adfree. But if it has been discontinued and completely abandoned, I will switch to another similar android program.

I have no problem with that, I JUST WANT TO KNOW! If there are still database updates I am satisfied with the current CMS, but if not, I want to know.

It bothers me that the program is still being advertised as having Anti-Theft, App Lock, etc., when it clearly does not. Those apps have not been available for months. This is very misleading advertising. It is not really misleading, it is just false. The CMS app itself hasn’t been updated in over a year. Does it integrate properly with the latest Android OS versions? I have no idea.

I got a virus database update today!!! (CMS, database version 69)
The thing seems to be living!!! :o ;D