Comodo Application Database

I don’t know if this has already been suggested or not, but how about the option to automatically submit all unknown files without bothering the end-user?

Not a good idea if you ask me … What if your system has already been compromised before installing CPF ?

Greetz, Red.

I’m sure people are already submiting pleanty of malware to Comodo, but this is the point of sending them in the first place. The idea is so that Comodo can analyse it and it’s good for them to find malware to add into their AV database (which i’m sure is a step of analysing anyways).

Keep in mind this feature would have to be manually turned on since it most likely wouldn’t suite the average user very well. It would just make life easier on people like me who know they want to submit everything they can in order to beef up the Comodo Database.