COMODO Application Agent suddenly stopped running

For the past few months since I developed a problem with my previous security software and ended up with a couple of trojans, I’ve been running COMODO Firewall Pro. Last week though suddenly I got the “no firewall” security warning from Windows, and when I checked the Windows Security Center, both the Windows Firewall (which I’d turned off), and COMODO Firewall Pro (which had been running the day before) were switched off. To cut a long story short, I ended up uninstalling COMODO Firewall Pro, and downloading COMODO Internet Security and installing that.

I did a clean install of CIS with a full system scan, and everything was fine with that. Though of course I’ve been having to ‘train’ CIS again, everything was working normally, and I’ve had no further problems. Tonight though I’ve been trying to record a video from the web using an app that records streaming videos etc., but having no success and it was saying it couldn’t find a network connection to access the URL (my internet access is fine though, and I’m getting online without problems. Thinking that the CIS firewall was maybe blocking the app though, I opened up the CIS ‘control panel’ to check, and found the System Status saying “COMODO Application Agent is not running!” I’m not sure exactly when it stopped running, but everything was fine earlier today.

My other security software is:
Eset NOD32 (I’ve got CIS on NOD32’s ‘excluded’ list)
WinPatrol (CIS is set to start up at startup though)
MalwareBytes Anti Malware

I can’t see anything in the Windows Events Viewer relating to CIS (though to be honest, I can’t make much sense of the Events Viewer), and when I checked ‘Services’ in Control Panel > Administrative Tools, as suggested in this thread, though the start-up type for CIS was set to ‘Automatic’ it wasn’t showing as started. When I tried to start it manually, nothing happened, and CIS was still showing “COMODO Application Agent is not running!” It was fine earlier today though.

I’ve just re-booted, and everything seems to be working fine now.

I was just wondering if anyone knows what might have caused this and if I can do anything to stop it happening again, or whether it could be ‘just one of those things’? It’s weird though how it was fine earlier today but suddenly seemed to stop.

Hi BlissC, welcome to the forums.

I don’t have any explanation for this. Obviously, it’s possible that CMDAGENT may have crashed, check the Windows Event Logs. Usually a faulting application will be logged. You could also check to see if you have any Mini Dumps created at or around the same time. Where Mini Dumps can be found is dependent on your OS and/or set-up.