Comodo Application Agent not Running


I have been a user of the Comodo Firewall for a long time now, but it has started to fail upon startup saying that the application agent is not running.

What i have done so far:
Clicked the “Run Diagnostic” under the system status report, it can find problems but cant find them and creates a log of some description
uninstalled and fresh install of latest version, using MSCONFIG to ensure no other software is disrupting the install.
checked Control Panel → Administrative tools ->Services → Comodo Internet Security Helper Service → Properties. Startup type is automatic but the service status is stopped.

It is also worth noting that cfp.exe is running but cmdagent.exe is not!

the diagnostic report can be found Here

It used to work so i cant work out whats wrong with it! any help would be greatly appreciated.



Did you recently make changes to your system? Install any new programs?

Thanks for replying.

The only thing i have installed recently is SBK09 (game) and Comodo System Cleaner. But these were after the Comodo Firewall started playing up.


Do you have any other security software installed? if so try Disabling them.

I have avg and adaware - but like i said even booting with MSCONFIG to ensure nothing else is interfering with comodo.

Both programs have more than one program or service running. Are you sure you disabled all components of those two programs? It it is not too much to ask but could you uninstall both AVG and Adaware and see what happens?

Sure thing, i will uninstall adarae, avg and comodo later on tonight, and resintall comodo. i shall let you know how it goes in due corse.


Keep us posted.

I installed COMODO AV but it does not show up in MSCONFIG/Start menu. Can someone tell me where is the option to have it start when the PC starts. I’ve searched the COMODO menus and can’t seem to find it.



What version are you installing?

Comodo is the only antivirus/firewall/malware program I am using, and I am getting this error message telling me “Comodo Application Agent is not running”. If you could help me in plain English I would surely appreciate the help! (:WIN)

If you’ve had the problem of “Comodo Application Agent is not running” ever since you installed it then I would recommend uninstalling it, following the methodology in this post, and then installing the most recent version.

Hopefully that will solve your problems.

It’s also possible it’s a conflict with other security programs. Ensure that all of them are uninstalled and see if the problem continues.